Here’s 270+ Pics To Choose Your 2016 Detroit Auto Show Tops And Flops

We just wrapped up the Detroit Motor Show, which is the first big automotive event of the year – so how was the 2016 edition?

Well… that’s a tough one. It’s not that it didn’t have its world premieres, but to us, it seemed a bit underwhelming.

OK, the Lexus LC 500 was jaw-dropping not just for its looks, but for Lexus’ sheer bravura of making a production car that’s practically indistinguishable from the concept. It wouldn’t hurt if other manufacturers took some notes…

EyesOn Design Award winner Buick Avista was also surprising. A concept very nicely executed and so sleek we would very much like to see in showrooms with as little changes as possible. Nice one, Buick.

The S90 is the first Volvo ever bold enough to look its German rivals eye to eye. In fact, it managed to overshadow the brand new E-Class sedan. Then again, perhaps Merc is also largely to blame here as, design-wise, it is close to embracing Audi’s “one design in different sizes” practice.

On the other hand, the Lincoln Continental was puzzling. Does it stand a chance against established luxo-barges? Even Lincoln execs know the answer to that question. Is it good looking or a “buy-a-Caddy-if-you-must-go-American” saloon with a design twist that, depending on where you stand, is either brilliant or plain daft?

Genesis has just been introduced and with its G90 flagship it’s trying to what Lexus did with the first-ever LS400. It’s much more difficult to beat the rest for the top spot in sales, first impressions though hint there’s a case for it ruffling some feathers.

Mind you, that’s just our take on some of Detroit’s launches. Shuffle through the 270+ images of  the new production and concept cars that are on display and judge which the winners and losers are.

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