BMW M3 Speedster Trying To Impress Girl Meets Negligent Taxi Driver

Even though both of these drivers were at fault, all we need to do is follow the letter of the law in order to properly distribute the blame.

You know that one thing you should never do when in traffic? Yes, we’re talking about the illegal U-turn, which becomes twice as dangerous when you don’t pay attention. The fact that a speeding car was approaching and you misjudged its velocity should be no excuse.

What the taxi driver did was pretty cut and dry. He’s mainly at fault, but on the other hand, the guy behind the wheel of the E92 BMW M3 definitely needs to get his eyes and brain checked.

Not only was he oblivious to the fact that it’s extremely dangerous to drive that fast in the city, but he reacted way to late to that taxi cutting him off. If you look closely, he actually had some time to slam on the brakes, or at least take evasive maneuvers.

This is why we keep saying that you should always assume that something bad is going to happen – don’t automatically assume that a car pulling out in front of you will stick to its own lane, especially if you’re also pushing your own luck. And once another car enters your peripheral when you’re driving over the speed limit for whatever reason, that’s your cue to slow down immediately.

The impact itself was quite harsh, and the driver of that taxi was probably lucky the point of impact was somewhere ahead of his door.

What do you guys think, wrong place, wrong time? Murphy’s law? A combination of both? Or just karma for what happened here?

Hat tip to kimtama!