Ignition Drives McLaren 570S On Track And Along Some Stunning Mountain Roads

Thanks to its fun-loving nature and driver-focused personality, the McLaren 570S has been very well received by the press and customers alike.

Late last year, numerous reviews of the car emerged from its official press launch at the Portimao circuit and now, Motor Trend had the chance to test the new 570S on U.S. soil for the first time.

With both Jason Cammisa and Randy Pobst getting time behind the wheel on the road and racetrack, all of the 570S’ driving abilities are tested to the limits.

As with other 570S reviews, the conclusion is quite simple; the McLaren 570S is incredibly fast but rather than being focused on performance numbers, it has instead been built to offer amazing driving thrills and engagement.

With a new leasing programme allow enthusiasts to own a 570S for as little as $2,200 a month, it is certainly an appealing prospect. Sign us up McLaren.