Infiniti Q30 UK Customers Take First Deliveries

Wednesday was a very special day for Infiniti’s UK customers as they took the keys and begin driving away in the all-new Q30 premium compact.

Infiniti recently completed the final quality checks for the car and so the vehicles have been released for sale, despite production only starting back in December at the Sunderland plant.

This also marks Infiniti’s first entry into the growing premium compact segment, previously dominated by the A3/1-Series/A-Class trio, with a hint of Volvo V40.

As a sign of good omen, the Q30 was recently awarded best-in-class “small family car” by EuroNCAP, surpassing the previously mentioned models that were tested in this segment last year. The car was ranked remarkably high at Pedestrian protection, with an overall score of 91%.

The Q30 will pave the way for its crossover sibling, the QX30, which is also going to be built in the UK, at the Sunderland factory – which covers 25,000 square meters and includes a 100% automated body shop where it is assembled by over 130 robots with laser-welding precision.