Infiniti Shows QX30 “Car-Art” At London Art Fair

Copper tacks have drastically transformed the way this QX30 looks and since it is referred to as “car-art”, it’s currently on display at London Art Fair.

This isn’t the first time when we get to see a glimpse of the special model. However, Infiniti initially referred to it as the Q30 – but never mind…

In charge of gluing the 48,000 copper tacks to the vehicle’s body was Rachel Ducker, a contemporary artist, who shook hands with Infiniti to create this special QX30. An extra touch is the human-like steel wire figure that is leaning out of the side window.

My work is all about energy and movement, and to put my figures alongside such a well-designed car as the QX30 gave me the opportunity to combine both of my passions“, said the artist.

Ducker’s take on the QX30 is on display outside the entrance to the show until January 24.