This Might Be The Most Outrageous Mazda MX-5 You’ll Ever See

Every tuning culture has its own unique way of bringing new form factors and styles to the automotive industry, but every now and then things can get pretty weird.

Whether we’re talking about muscle cars, JDMs, off-roaders, or even supercars, we’re sure you’ve seen what excess zeal can do to a vehicle.

This particular Mazda MX-5 is a prime example. Hope you don’t mind our French, but this car is called the “No F**ks Given Miata”, and it couldn’t be more obvious it stretches the limits of tuning a bit too far.

The story behind this project is relatively simple: its owner decided to transform it into the ultimate scrape-mobile. Not only that, but it appears that the widened Miata takes inspiration from a lot of tuning cultures, including the stance movement, bosozoku and JDM.

The outcome is displayed in the following asphalt-scarping, cringe-worthy, seven-minute video.