Is The Renault Kwid Coming To Europe As A Dacia?

Renault’s budget crossover was recently spotted testing in Europe.

Completely wrapped in camouflage, the Kwid test mule carries the same overall lines and identical taillights as its Indian counterpart.

The questions that arise are a.whether Renault will bring it to European markets, and b. if so, will it be under its own brand or marketed as a Dacia?

Upgrading the Kwid to comply with European emission and safety standards will surely have an impact on its price, which in India starts from just under $3,900.

On the range-topper, sold for the equivalent of $5,340, the automaker offers a 7-inch touchscreen MediaNAV with Bluetooth, AUX, USB, keyless entry & central locking, front power windows and fog lights, but ABS is not available and the driver’s side airbag is optional.

Since it rides on the CMF-A global platform, Renault-Nissan’s Global VP, Gerard Detourbet, said that the the budget crossover can be equipped with ABS, ESP and other safety features, making it Euro-compliant.

CEO Carlos Ghosn has ruled out rebadging it as a Dacia. Thus, perhaps we already have our answer – unless, that is, the group has changed its original plan.

Image via IAB