Jay Leno Drives Skyline-Inspired Datsun Sunny Truck

Jay Leno has been fortunate enough to drive some ground-breaking performance cars but always finds the time to test out bespoke, garage-built creations like this 1974 Datsun Sunny Truck.

The brainchild of Dominic Le, this very special Datsun was displayed at SEMA 2015 and has been privately imported to the U.S. from its spiritual home of Japan.

To make his rather lacklustre Datsun pickup standout, Le created a custom front fascia inspired by a Skyline from the early 1970s. A set of flared arches have also been fitted to help accommodate some truly massive wheels and tyres.

To ensure that the performance of his Datsun matches its distinct styling, Le installed it with a punchy 2.2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder sending drive to the rear wheels thanks to a five-speed manual transmission.

While not the fastest, most expensive or head-turning car Leno has ever driven, this Datsun is undeniably special.