Just A Ferrari F40 GT Hooned Around A Farm

TaxTheRich returns and this time, they have a Ferrari F40 GT to play around a farm, Gymkhana-style.

After drifting a Rolls Royce in a field, performing a fiery burnout with a Jaguar XJ220, hooning a really rare Bugatti EB110 and treating an Enzo with the most zero-f*cks-given attitude you have ever seen, a racing F40 with a pedigree is their next choice for abuse.

And not just any Ferrari F40, but the sixth prototype, which has been converted by Michelotto to race GT spec. The car was recently restored but instead of becoming someone’s garage queen, we get to see it powersliding around a farm thanks to the TaxTheRich nutjobs.

In the own version of Gymkhana, our favorite rich petrolheads provide yet another video filled with madness and expensive, rare machinery. Check it out for yourself below.