Mercedes E-Class Estate Rendered With C-Class Rear

When we saw the first rendering of an Estate version of the all-new E-Class, the only thing we couldn’t make out was the design of the tailgate. Well, here’s another take.

While the front and even the profile of the car is pretty easy to figure out, the design of the rear is still a question mark and there are probably some who’d rather the Estate would not copy that of the C-Class.

This rendering is however just covering the basics. We’re not sure what else Mercedes has in mind for its design, so using the wraparound lights from the smaller C-Class Estate is a pretty safe way to go.

Mercedes do build two other Estates in the form of the CLA & CLS Shooting Brake, but that specific taillight design probably is not going to be adopted for the more conventional E-Class.

At least, this rendering isn’t totally reminiscent of the C-Class Estate. Here you’ve got a slightly different rear spoiler and a different LED lighting pattern. Not much, but not too far-fetched, either, as Merc’s new models are now getting quite close (some say uncomfortably) to each other in styling.

Renderings courtesy of RM Design