Wanna Hear A Corvette C7 Stingray With 1,000 Horses? Of Course You Do

Hennessey delivered their promise to offer an upgrade pack for current Corvette owners good enough for 1000hp; and this is how it sounds.

Apocalyptic, deliciously mad, however you name it Hennessey’s HPE 1000 Corvette C7 Stingray sounds like a hungry beast scaring everyone in its way.

The upgrade pack brings the power up to 1,000hp at 6800rpm and the torque up to a scary 887lb ft at 4200rpm thanks to a long list of modifications, which include a supercharger and a 416ci stroker kit that brings the total capacity of the V8 engine up from 6.2lt to 6.8lt.

If you are an owner of a Stingray, want to make ZO6 owners green with envy and have a spare $74,500 lying around, then head to their shop and your wish shall be fulfilled.