Mirrorless BMW Model With Cameras Could Arrive By 2019

BMW could be on the verge of offering a mirrorless car that relies solely on cameras in about three years time.

While speaking with German publication Focus, BMW’s development chief Elmar Frickenstein revealed that the technology will reach the production line and help provide improved safety, additional comfort and thanks to the sleek design of wing cameras, decrease fuel consumption.

BMW previewed the technology with the i8 Mirrorless concept at CES 2016. That model utilises two small and stylish cameras in place of the wing mirrors as well as a third camera on the rear windscreen. The images captured by these cameras are merged together and displayed on a special screen in place of the traditional rearview mirror. BMW says that a much wider viewing angle of what’s going on behind the car is achieved with the cameras compared to traditional mirrors.

At this stage, it isn’t known what model could debut the cameras. One possible candidate is the facelifted 7-Series, tipped to arrive in 2019. Another option could be the range-topping BMW 9-Series, reportedly a four-door coupe slotting between the 7-Series and Rolls-Royce Ghost.

Whichever model debuts the technology, Frickenstein said that it will trickle down from top to bottom of the brand’s future model range.