New ViRA Concept Is Unlike Anything We’ve Seen From Toyota

This peculiar looking automobile is Toyota’s latest concept-car, expected to debut at the Tokyo Auto Show.

In its brief press release, the Japanese machine manufacturer mentioned that this two-door crossover is actually a crossbreed between the ViTZ (also known as the Yaris, in some markets) and the RAV4; even the vehicle’s name is a combination between the two, as the car maker took the Vi out of the Vitz and the RA out of the RAV4 and came up with ViRA.

Truth be told, we don’t see any styling similarities with the aforementioned models, but the compact sized vehicle apparently borrows some traits from them.

In fact, the idea of this concept is to combine the utility of a crossover in a compact body. On top of that, it’s dynamic shape was apparently sketched to appeal to a younger market – contrasting the RAV4.

Styling wise, the car doesn’t seem to respect Toyota’s current design philosophy, as it’s edgy fascia is somewhat reminiscent of an obscure and generic supercar. If you squint, you’ll probably see some of Zenvo’s style or maybe a few cues from Giugiaro’s Ferrari FF prototype.

Mind you, this concept appears to be made by Toyota Industries Corporation, as the company is under contract from Toyota Motor Corporation for the production of the Toyota Vitz/Yaris and the Toyota RAV4. The company also manufactures automotive engines for use in other Toyota branded automobiles.