Next-Gen VW Golf GTI Clubsport To Get 300+ HP?

The Golf GTI Clubsport has a not-too-shabby 286 hp on tap, but its successor is said to comfortably beat that.

According to Auto Express, the next generation of the Golf GTI, expected to arrive in 2019, will be powered by a new 2.0-liter TSI four-cylinder engine pumping out as much as 325 hp in top-of-the-range Clubsport version.

The entry-level model could produce around 260 hp, while a mid-range Performance Pack would lift that figure closer to the 300 hp mark.

Another important development for the next GTI is that it could receive the world’s first 10-speed dual-clutch transmission and also be available with a six-speed manual. As always, it’ll be front-wheel drive.

To make room for the upgraded GTI, the AWD Golf R will also get a power hike and maybe (or should we say “hopefully”?) a production version of the R400 Concept with a 395 hp 2.0-liter.