Here Are The 50 Most Memorable Movie Cars, Awesomely Illustrated

Movie cars sometimes play an important role in a movie or series and can also become signature items of certain characters.

What would “Knight Rider” be without the (autonomous…) Pontiac Trans Am, “The Dukes of Hazard” without the flying Dodge Charger or “The Italian Job” without the Minis carving their path through the streets of Turin? Yes, James Bond too, though he’s been unfaithful not a few times to his Aston Martin.

Anyway, to celebrate the 50 most famous cars from the last 50 years of cinematography, Jalopnik put together a video featuring Scott Parker’s illustrations of some of the most iconic movie vehicles, beautifully drawn. As a matter of fact, the clip could suggest some films you might have missed if you’re not familiar with some cars highlighted there.

However, if you want to indulge in more such drawings (trying to guess in what universe each car belongs), you can check Parker’s work on his personal site.