VW’s 2015 US Sales Not Affected By Dieselgate

Apparently, the diesel emissions scandal was not enough to affect the brand’s US sales in 2015.

On the other hand, it did not improve either compared to 2014, as sales dropped from slightly from 366,970 to 349,440 units.

Despite this, VW of America announced the best month on record for the Tiguan, which was delivered in 4,900 units, a 131.6 percent increase, while the Golf GTI, Golf R, e-Golf and Golf SportWagen turned to be more popular in December, too.

We are very pleased with the strong Golf family results and record-setting performance of the Tiguan in 2015″, VW of America’s chief operating officer, Mark McNabb, said. “As we look towards 2016, we are committed to rebuilding trust in the brand and would like to thank our customers and dealers for their continued patience and loyalty.”

The year-to-year change indicates that Golf deliveries rose by 20.8 and the Tiguan has seen a 42.7 percent increase. Its larger brother, the Touareg, delivered 7,037 units, 1.1 percent more, while the biggest decrease was shown from the CC, with 37.2 percent, followed by the Beetle family, with 22.3 percent, the facelifted Passat, with 19.1 percent and the Jetta family with 18.5 percent. The Routan was dropped from the lineup in 2015, but with a mere thousand sales in 2014 no one probably noticed.