Petter Solberg Disguised As 82-Year-Old Shocks Mercedes Technicians In C63 AMG

While not a new concept, seeing professional racing drivers, like Sebastian Vettel and Jeff Gordon, disguised as average road users is still entertaining and this latest clip staring Petter Solberg is one of the best.

Masked as an 82-year-old, the video shows the rally champion behind the wheel of a brand new Mercedes-AMG C63 Estate who called up local Mercedes technicians to help diagnose a problem with his car.

Claiming to be hearing a sound at the rear of the high-performance estate, Solberg is pulled over to the side of the road when the unassuming mechanics arrive on the scene. Despite tiptoeing around local streets pretending to be an elderly driver with limited experience, Solberg soon reaches a snow-covered parking lot and shows the technicians exactly how a Mercedes-AMG should be driven before revealing himself as the 2003 World Rally Championship winner.

Given the 41-year-olds experience in the world’s fastest rally cars, including his rallycross championship-winner Citroen DS3 Supercar, it’s not surprising Solberg has managed to master AMG’s most tail-happy, rear-wheel drive beast.