Renault’s Headquarters Raided By Officials On Suspicion Of Cheating Emissions

Renault‘s French headquarters were recently raided by environmental officials after suspicions arose that the marque may have been using emissions cheating software, like the Volkswagen Group.

On the back of the VW emissions scandal, authorities from the French government began conducting tests on 100 different vehicles, 25 of which came from Renault. Testing of these cars commenced in December 2015 at the conclusion of last year, 4 Renault models had been tested by French authorities.

Fortunately for the company, no evidence of its models being installed with emissions cheating devices has emerged.

Despite that, initial news about the company being search by officials saw its stocks decrease by as much as 22 per cent as investors began selling in fear of another emissions scandal.

Renault could still face some issues however following reports from Reuters that some of its vehicles emitted excessive emissions during initial testing. The firm hopes to resolve any issues through discussions will local officials.