RS7 Sportback Painted A Bespoke “Ipanema Brown” In Audi Exclusive Speak

Personalized cars are common among its customers and, of course, the automaker is more than happy to oblige.

The Audi Exclusive division is the one that takes care of that.

Arguably the highlight of Audi Exclusive are all the bespoke color options it offers. Most recently, they finished working on this RS7 Sportback, painting it in a shade dubbed “Ipanema Brown”.

Brown, you say? To us, it looks more like a shade of orange, but never mind. It certainly works quite well with the swooping design of the RS7 Sportback highlighting the flared wheels arches, short decklid and sloping tailgate.

Beyond the custom exterior finish, this RS7 Sportback’s interior has been appointed in Alabaster white leather with luxurious quilting on the seats and aluminum and black wood trim inserts on the dashboard.