Steve Goldfield’s Ferrari 458 Speciale Crashed By Woman Allegedly High On Cocaine

Christmas celebrations ended earlier this year for Steve Goldfield after his Ferrari was involved in an incident.

The actor and producer’s 458 Speciale was parked in the Hollywood area of downtown Los Angeles when a woman, who was allegedly high on cocaine, lost control of her car and crashed into it.

She then tried to flee the scene, but was restrained from doing so by bystanders until the police arrived. She was charged for multiple offenses, including the use of a controlled substance.

The Italian exotic was apparently hit from behind and, besides the marks left on its rear, on the side and on the front right quarter. There’s no word whether the natually aspirated V8 suffered some kind of damage, too, as fluids leaked on the pavement.

Goldfield’s ride will have to be repaired and the insurance claim will be huge. If it’s deemed a write-off, then its replacement could be another Ferrari like the F12 Berlinetta, since he has stated that he loves the F12tdf. All 799 units are sold out, but surely he can afford to pay a premium for a “used” one…

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