Five BMW M3 Generations Meet In Epic Sound Battle

Have you ever wondered which M3 has the best soundtrack? This is your chance to find out, because a fresh video brings them all together.

The footage starts, as expected, with the first ever 3-Series developed by the M Division , the E30, which is already 30 years old.

The E36 that replaced it wasn’t appreciated that much at the time. BMW’s next M3 though, the E46, was a glorious sports car that managed to beat all of its rivals.

When it comes to the E92 (Coupe), BMW has made a big step into a direction that dictated a different and more modern styling language. The inline-six was ditched, but the new 4.0-liter V8 more than made up for it with its sound, torque and throttle response, even if the steering wasn’t as delightful as that of the E46.

The F80, which came out almost two years ago, brought back the inline-six unit. BMW did it in 21st century style, introducing forced induction to its most cherished M car and, in a move that sparked controversy, renaming the coupe the M4.

So which is your favorite BMW M3 and which one is music to your ears?