Tesla Updates Autopilot And Adds “Summon” Self-Parking System

Tesla’s Version 7,1 software has been released and, as expected, it aims to resolves some of the ‘issues‘ of Version 7,0 which rolled out Autopilot.

To counter a worrying trend of Tesla drivers sitting in the back seats of their cars while letting Autopilot do the rest, the system has been restricted. With the new update, Tesla’a Autopilot autonomous driving system can’t be used on residential streets or roads with a center divider. Additionally, the system cannot exceed the speed limit by more than 5 mph.

A number of refinements have also come to Autopilot when it’s being used on highways. For example, as the car approaches a curve, it can automatically slow down the vehicle to safely tackle the corner. Previously, the system would have maintained the same speed as on the straight.

Beyond the Autopilot refinements, the most significant upgrade is the implementation of “Summon”, a self-parking system. Tesla says that when a Model S or Model X owner returns home, they can exit the car and have it automatically open the garage door, park, shut down and then close the garage door. In the morning, the car can leave the garage itself. As Summon is still in its Beta stage, it only wants owners to test it on private property.

Ultimately, Tesla hopes that Summon will allow fully-autonomous electric vehicles to meet their owners anywhere in the United States.