Tuner Wants To Turn Your Boxster Into A 918 Spyder Lookalike For $150,000

Own a Porsche Boxster but want to pretend you own a Porsche 918 Spyder? Well a company in Hollywood is selling a 918-inspired bodykit for the cool price of $149,999 on eBay.

Wicked Motor Works claims that it will be able to produce 10 units of its Boxster bodykit annually and has invested over $500,000 in actually sourcing genuine Porsche 918 parts. The tuner says that it managed to make molds of all the 918s body panels and has then customized them to fit on the smaller Boxster sports car.

The conversion even sees a set of genuine 918 taillights installed onto the Boxster. The package is so comprehensive that it requires the Boxster to be completely stripped, both inside and outside, with the drivetrain even being removed to install the 918-esque parts.

For customers wanting their roadster to even more closely resemble the company’s hybrid hypercar, Wicked Motor Works will redesign the interior for an extra $35,000. A range of performance modifications are also offered, including both twin-turbo and supercharger packages.

Reportedly, eight kits were sold last year, including two to owners of the 918 looking to give their Boxster’s some added flair. Unfortunately, no pictures of the finished product have been released, as the ones shared on their ebay page seem to be of the real 918 Spyder (i.e. the second image in the gallery is from a Barrett-Jackson auction page).