Corvette ZO6 Picks A Fight With The Viper ACR In The Most Hell-Yeah Battle

These two are the hottest metal you can get your hands on right now, two loud machines hungry for snobby Euro sports cars, but only one of them can be crowned the king of speed.

Motor Trend brings the very loud Corvette ZO6 and the very intimidating Viper ACR together to find out which one is fastest in the Laguna Seca but also which one is more enjoyable on the road.

On the yellow corner we have a supercharged 650hp V8 rocket-ship and on the silver corner we have a naturally aspirated 645hp racing monster that somehow managed to bolt a set of number plates on.

To make matters even more awesome, both of them are manual, giving the driver the rare opportunity to experience this kind of power with three pedals and a stick.

There can be only one!