Volvo Jumps On The “Bespoke”, AKA Personalization, Bandwagon

It has become something of a cliche, but most Volvos actually are straight-to-the-point, no-nonsense kind of cars.

Nowadays, though, lots of buyers wants to be able to customize every aspect of their vehicle from the get go. Naturally, the automakers are happy to offer various individualization programs that bring in extra cash to the coffer.

It’s a sign of the times that, according to Autocar, there’s an increasing demand from high-end customers who want to customize their next Volvo and, soon enough, they will be able to.

Iain Howat, Volvo UK’s head of product, said that development is currently underway: “Work is ongoing to see what opportunities are there. If we do something, it would be along the lines of what they do with the Range Rover Autobiography. But we have to get the basics right.”

“There are active discussions and mock-ups based on the Concept 26 interior have been made, which look very close to production.”

Concept 26 is an interior concept revealed at the LA motor show in November. It’s based around a new patented seat design that cradles the driver as the car switches between its three modes, and also frees up your imagination to explore car interior possibilities by removing the necessary “attention span” factor.

Concept 26 pictured