Where Would You Spend Your $50K; On BMW’s M2 Or One Of These? [w/Poll]

The time for everyone’s favorite game has come, after BMW announced US pricing for their new M2 Coupe which -as expected- falls into a very crowded and very tempting segment.

If you want a $50k sports car that makes you feel good in every occasion, the market has a lot of candidates that beg for your attention.

The debut of BMW’s M baby has driven many fans crazy over the M2 Coupe, as it suddenly feels like that the Bavarian company has given them the best gift ever. Six-pot turbo engine? Check. Manual gearbox? Check. Divine BMW M setup? (Hopefully) check.

If only the $50k world was so easy to make decisions like this. Just look what other models are available for more-or-less the same money. A base-spec Porsche Cayman for example. It may have just 275hp and be a bit slower but there is no person in its right mind to have driven a Cayman and not wanting to buy one immediately.

Need something more exotic? How about the Alfa Romeo 4C? Sure, Alfa’s return to the high-performance RWD world is far from flawless, but you can buy a carbon tub wrapped in one of the most beautiful designs ever and have fun every time you sit behind its chunky wheel.

Or perhaps you secretly like muscle cars. And need more power. Then you could perhaps jump into a Dodge Challenger SRT 392 with its 485hp and 475lb-ft V8. It’s not a Hellcat, but most of the time, it’s just as scary, not to mention the permanent smile on your face.

Wait a minute. There is a Corvette Stingray around here, starting at $55k. America’s best sports car has proved its speed and capabilities against much more expensive machinery so this could only mean trouble for the compact BMW M2.

But the best was saved for last. You like fast cars and driving them accordingly. Perhaps you even visit a track once or twice a year. The new BMW M2 Coupe looks just the right size and in theory should be a riot to drive. It’s the spiritual successor of the E30 M3 after all. But then, it hits you, like a bullet; there’s Ford’s Shelby Mustang GT350 dripping with awesomeness for about the same money.

Make your choice. Choose wisely. It’s your $50k.

Poll: Which one would you pick at around $50,000?

BMW M2, 365HP 3.0L TURBO, $51,700 MSRP

PORSCHE CAYMAN, 275HP 2.7L, $52,600 MSRP

ALFA ROMEO 4C, 237HP 1.75L TURBO, $55,900 MSRP

DODGE CHALLENGER SRT 392, 485HP 6.4L, $45,995 MSRP