2017 Nissan Leaf 30kWh Literally Unboxed In Barcelona [w/Video]

Nissan chose an unorthodox way to reveal its new Leaf 30kWh, at the GSM Mobile World Congress in Barcelona bu literally “unboxing” it on stage.

What better place to showcase our latest technology than alongside other leading lights in innovation“, commented Nissan Europe’s Director of Electric Vehicles, Gareth Dunsmore, on the Barcelona technology gather.

Following an online debut last week, the improved Leaf promises a 26 percent increase in driving range, up to 250km (155miles) on a single charge, thanks to the new 30 kWh battery.

In addition to the updated battery, which can be joined by a specially engineered Nordic Pack, a battery heater for customers having to drive in extremely low temperatures, the manufacturer mentioned its NissanConnect EV telematics system, which allows users to control many of the car’s features at the touch of a button.

Prospective buyers of the updated Leaf will be able to check the status of the battery, set timers for charging, find local charging stations or remotely switch on the climate control. The new operating system also allows users to analyze their driving patterns, CO2 emissions saved with every journey and energy usage.