-50c Degrees Conditions In Canada Create Car Sculpture

Given Canada’s nickname as the Great White North, it’s fitting that areas of the nation can experience some of the coldest temperatures on earth.

Temperatures can quite often hit -50 degrees Celsius (-58 Farenheit) and as you’d imagine, cars aren’t particularly fond of such freezing conditions and beyond routinely being covered in snow, can actually freeze…kind of.

In Cornwall, Ontario recently, one local resident illustrated just how cold things can get when he stumbled upon a frozen imprint of a Nissan Altima‘s front fascia in a carpark.

The footage is quite remarkable with the Altima evidently being covered in snow while it was parked before that snow froze and the car reversed out, leaving behind a perfect ice sculpture of the car’s front end.

You can forget about your fancy handmade ice sculptures, in Canada, they happen naturally! The more you know…