Leaked Audi Document Confirms R8 V6 For 2018

A document revealing Audi‘s impending product schedule has leaked online and confirms that a V6-powered R8 will arrive in 2018.

Uncovered by Autobahn, the document confirms previous rumors that the German automaker would introduce an R8 V6, largely due to demand for smaller displacement engines in China.

Details about just which V6 engine the supercar will receive aren’t known, but according to reports from 2015, it could be a similar twin-turbo setup that’s expected in the next-generation RS4 and RS5, delivering in the region of 425 hp.

Although this leaked image doesn’t show it, the R8 may also be available with Audi’s twin-turbo V8 in the not too distant future.

Beyond the R8 V6, the image confirms that the new RS5 Coupe will debut in 2018 as will the Q8 SUV, the next-gen A6, A7 and A8 models and a mysterious model dubbed the ‘C-BEV’, potentially a compact electric vehicle.

Next year, sales of the new A5, SQ7, Q7 e-tron and latest TT RS will start in the United States.