America’s Haas F1 Team Reveals its First Ever F1 Car

The Haas F1 Team has just unveiled its entrant for the 2016 Formula One season dubbed the VF-16.

Haas F1 is the first American team to compete in the highest form of open-wheeled racing in 30 years and to help ensure it hits the ground running, has managed to strike a deal with Ferrari to use the Italian company’s powertrain.

In producing the VF-16 with Dallara, Haas has also used as many components from Ferrari as it is to permitted under current regulations and will begin pre-season in Catalunya today.

From a visual perspective, the Haas VF-16 adopts a fairly restrained livery combining elements of silver, black and red. As for the racer’s name, it takes inspiration from the first CNC machine created by Haas Automation back in 1988, named the VF-1.

For the 2016 season, Haas has managed to secured ex-Lotus driver Romain Grosjean and former Ferrari test driver Esteban Gutierrez.

Discussing his company’s entrance into the world of Formula One, Gene Haas said “From an international standpoint, Formula One is the highest echelon of racing, and Haas Automation builds the highest-quality machine tools. When you hear ‘F1’ you know exactly what it is – a global racing series that showcases the latest technology and attracts the best talent in engineering and design. Haas Automation has an excellent reputation in the United States and I want that reputation to grow worldwide.”