Base Alfa Romeo Giulia Looks Just As Pretty As The QV

Building a halo sports sedan is important, but the actual battle is fought between lesser models on the sales front and not on the track; that said, this is how the Giulia QV’s “normal” variants look like.

The more affordable versions of the Giulia were bound to be revealed at Geneva, after Alfa Romeo thoroughly showcased every square inch of the high-performance compact executive saloon car.

Created to give its German rivals a very hard time (especially the 3 Series BMW), the Giulia will sport an entry-level 2.0-litre petrol engine, which will be available in a wide range of power options (180hp, 250hp and 330 hp), and a 2.2-litre diesel engine offered in 135hp, 180hp and a range-topping 210hp version.

Sergio Marchionne confirmed the new car will enter production in March 15th, after the initial plan was postponed by a few months.

On the styling front, the Giulia comes without the additional aggressive styling cues that offered drama to the QV. Also, the obvious hints that pointed to the aforementioned vehicle’s raw power under the hood have been replaced with normal-looking elements. No more vented hood, no more humongous wheels, and definitely no more aggressive rear diffuser flanked by quad exhaust pipes.

But that doesn’t have to be bad news, as some might be quite fond of the model’s pure, unspoiled looks.