BMW M235i-Based AC Schnitzer ACL2 Spotted

If you thought the M2 was an eye gouging piece of metal, wait till you take a sneak peek of this modified M235i.

It’s common to see outrageous body kits in the tuning world, but some say there’s a limit. Well, not with AC Schnitzer, apparently, which is obviously preparing to shock us with a highly modified 2 Series BMW (probably based on the M235i variant).

In case you had doubts about its authenticity, in the video shared by Bimmer Today, the car can be seen sporting the tuner’s trademark 5-spoke rims, and the inscription ACL2 on the sides – using the well-known font.

Taking into account its aggressive visual style and the ginormous brakes, the BMW could very well pack a massive punch; and we’re talking about an engine swap, knowing that AC Schnitzer isn’t a stranger to these kind of modifications.

Apart from the very obvious wider track and extensively modified front and rear aprons, garnished with aerodynamic flaps, the automobile has multiple details that emphasize a motorsport-related approach – such as the door mirrors and the large rear wing.

Considering the car was spotted on a trailer, it could be on its way to something big; say, Geneva?