Charlie Sheen’s Armored Maybach 62S For Sale On eBay

A bulletproof 2009 Maybach 62S owned by the famous actor is currently looking for a new buyer on eBay.

The bid at the time of writing was $241,250. Originally, the car was available through ‘Buy It Now’ for $325,000, but that option has since been removed.

With 3 days left on the auction, there’s certainly a chance the car, which has 27,000 miles on the odo, will sell for less than its $400,000 base price.

Charlie Sheen is said to have owned the car for seven years and had it upgraded by Armormax in 2012 to “Level 5” ballistic protection. This means it can withstand high-powered rifles as well as full metal jacket, conned, flat nose, round nose and soft core bullets, thanks to strengthened windows and body panels adorned with ballistic composite.

The 62S is no longer for sale as Mercedes-Benz decided to kill the Maybach brand in mid-2011. However, it relaunched in late 2014 as a Mercedes sub-brand, for the time being used exclusively on high-end variants of the S-Class.

Apart from the not-so-amicable split with the Two and a Half Men producer Chuck Lorre and the recent HIV scandal, Sheen must have made not a few enemies – or else, he’s a a belt and suspenders kind of guy who wants to make sure he will be immune to any threat. Still, even a tank would not protect him from bad publicity.