Check Out These Engine-Inspired Coffee Machines

For the coffee-loving petrolhead in your life, the espresso machines produced by South African company Super Veloce are the ultimate gift.

The line-up of coffee machines have been built to mimic the look of an exotic engine block and include alloy cylinder heads and blue-tipped exhausts which rather than spewing out toxins like in a car, dribble out delicious coffee.

To ensure the machines stand the test of time, they’re made from natural alloys, stainless steel and lightweight titanium and are available in V8, V10 and V12 configurations. Buyers can also choose between six colours for the valve covers (black, gold, orange, gunmetal grey, red and blue).

As with other certain automotive-related household products, Super Veloce’s espresso machines aren’t cheap. As a matter of fact, they start at an eye-watering $13,000. That’s more than a small car so inevitably, only the ultra-wealthy or successful restaurants/cafes could ever hope of owning Super Veloce’s creations.