Fugly Pimp My Ride 1991 Honda CRX For Sale In Hollywood

Well before Galpin Auto Sports was creating custom Ford Mustangs alongside Henrik Fisker, it starred in the final two seasons of hit MTV show, Pimp My Ride

Throughout its six season run, Pimp My Ride transformed run-down affordable cars into eye-popping creations adorned with distinctive Fast and Furious inspired bodykits and all manner of distasteful modifications.

But if standing out is your thing, even if that means looking a little bit stupid, then this 1991 Honda CRX could be the perfect car for you.

This particular CRX featured in season 6 of Pimp My Ride and when GAS got their hands on it, it was about as scruffy and beaten as a car can get. In typical GAS fashion, they fitted it with an entirely custom bodykit and sprayed it silver to give it a fresh new look.

Fast forward to 2016 and the car is still looking as ‘ricey’ as ever and currently has over 186,000 miles on the odometer and yet, may set back a new buyer $5,995.

We’d only pay $100.

Hat tip to Mr Koed!