Glamorous Blue Porsche 918 Spyder Is Our Type Of Hypercar

We’ve seen 918 Spyders finished in all kinds of colors, from acid green to bright blue and orange, but the following example for sale in Saudi Arabia could be our favorite.

Only a small number of 918s have been painted blue, including Voodoo Blue and Riviera Blue, but the paint adorning this example is slightly darker than those shades and, along with the dark wheels, looks all the better for it.

In the cabin, black leather is included across the bucket seats, door panels, dashboard and steering wheel and juxtaposed with green contrast stitching and piping. The usual orgy of clear-coated carbon fiber is also present.

No price has been offered for the car but it’s up for sale in the Middle East and, if we had to guess, it’ll probably stay there as there is no shortage of interested buyers.