VW Group Won’t Enter F1 Due To Ever-Changing Rules

A Formula One entry isn’t on the cards for the VW Group due to the unpredictable nature of the sport – or so its Motorsport division boss claims .

According to Wolfgang Durheimer, “on the regulations front, there are a lot of rumors around the engine side and the supporting technology side. Before you commit the kind of money needed you must see five years of rules stability – there can’t be the possibility of rules changes, of more or less engine cylinders coming in, or the hybrid system changing away from technology you are developing on road cars.”

This comes after months of speculation that suggested Audi would leave endurance racing and enter F1, potentially as an engine supplier to Red Bull Racing. According to reports, the diesel emissions scandal also turned VW away from the open-wheeled series.

Interestingly, the cost of F1 hasn’t been a deciding factor. Durheimer made it clear that racing in the World Endurance Championship with Audi and Porsche is actually more expensive due to the more advanced technologies used in LMP1.

Story references: Autocar