Harry Metcalfe Reviews Ferrari’s Turbo’d 488 GTB

Almost everything there is to say about the Ferrari 488 GTB has been said in the multitude of drive tests, reviews and evaluations. Heck, even James May did it. But somehow, Harry Metcalfe always manages to find something intriguing and new to talk about, even when it’s about the “entry-level” supercar.

Test driving Ferrari’s first turbocharged mid-engine since the F40 must be interesting, especially if you’re used to the Italian car manufacturer’s naturally aspirated machines that (probably) shatter your eardrums while going up the obscenely high rev limiter, right? Well, Metcalfe sure think so, although he mentions that any downside of forced induction is virtually non-existent in the 488GTB.

Essentially, this stunning machine is nothing more than a 458 Italia with a little madness sprinkled on the side to keep it relevant in the fast-pacing world of motoring. That said, expect the 488GTB to have the same attributes as the outgoing model, and then some – all wrapped in a neat, high-performance package.

So, after establishing – like many others before him – that the turbocharged 488 is just as nice to drive like the old model (or any other Ferrari for that matter), Metcalfe goes into further detail regarding the car’s visual and mechanical characteristics.

But you know what; we won’t say another word, and let instead Mr. Metcalfe handle the in-depth look of the automobile.