Jaguar Land Rover “I” Trademarks Hint At Electric Variants

Based on three new trademarks, it seems increasingly likely that Jaguar Land Rover are intending on launching a number of new electric vehicles.

AutoGuide found out that the automotive group has filed trademarks for I-Pace, I-Type and Velar, two of which could be electric models.

Starting with I-Pace, it is most likely a reference to the all-electric F-Pace crossover, which has already been confirmed by Jaguar. Previously rumored to be dubbed the E-Pace, it seems apparent the British marque has opted for a BMW-like moniker instead to denote its electric powertrain.

As for the I-Type, it could relate to an electric variant of the F-Type sports car. While such a model seems unlikely to launch in the near future, JLR could have filed for the trademark early and to ensure no other automakers poach it. On the other hand, an all-electric XE is much more palpable, and we’d hedge our money on this one.

Last, but not least, there’s the Velar. Given its use on an original Range Rover prototype and the fact that it does not fit into Jag’s naming strategy, one can assume it will be used by Land Rover and could refer to a new variant, a special edition model or an entirely new vehicle.