Jaguar Slashes Prices Of Entry 2017 F-Type Models In The USA

Alongside the launch of the 2017 Jaguar F-Type SVR, the British marque has announced pricing for the 2017 range of F-Type models in the United States.

Excluding the $995 (*3) destination charge, the entry-level F-Type Coupe with a 340 hp supercharged V6 engine, rear-wheel drive and a manual transmission, is priced from $61,400, a considerable $3,600 less than the 2016 model. As for the base convertible variant, it is priced from $65,400, which represents a significant $2,700 saving from last year.

For customers looking for an entry-level model but with an automatic transmission, that adds $1,300 to the base prices for both the coupe and convertible.

Moving up in the range are the F-Type V6 S models that use a tweaked supercharged V6 delivering 380 hp. When optioned with a stick shift and in coupe guise, this model will set U.S. buyers back at least $79,100 and an extra $3,100 for the droptop. The 380 hp engine can also be mated to an all-wheel drive system with an automatic ‘box as standard, priced from $86,600 in coupe form and $89,700 for the convertible.

Elsewhere, the limited-edition British Design Edition starts at $92,100 with rear-wheel drive and $98,100 with all-wheel drive. Finally is the F-Type R powered by a supercharged 5.0-liter, 550 hp V8 that costs $105,400 for the coupe and $108,250 for the convertible. The expanded range is then rounded out by the 575 hp SVR, priced from $125,950.