New Alpine Sports Car Has Already Been Styled As A Convertible

Even though the Alpine Vision Concept isn’t the road-going sports car we were all hoping for, it does give us a good idea of how the production-spec model will look when it hits the market.

If the sports car proves successful, it’ll be just the first in a long-line of lightweight cars from Alpine and conceivably, one of those additional cars could be a convertible version of the so-called AS1 or AS110.

As the hardtop’s key rivals, the Porsche Cayman and Alfa Romeo 4C, are available as convertibles, a driver focused Alpine roadster could see the light of day and if it looked anything like the car presented here by Theophilus Chin, could prove quite a hit.

At the front, the car maintains the same unique features of the coupe including the two prominent central fog lights and bold hood with three sporty bulges. At the rear, a decklid similar to the Porsche 911’s has been designed although in our ideal world, the car would instead adopt prominent buttresses like the Porsche Boxster Spyder.

It’s much too early to say if such a model will ever materialize, but if it does, it would certainly spice up the market.