Koenigsegg Teases Last Ever Agera And Production-Spec Regera

At last year’s Geneva Motor Show, Koenigsegg  took us by surprise with the mind-blowing Regera. So to make sure this doesn’t happen again, here’s what the Swedish firm plans for this year’s event.

Basically, the exclusive automaker is preparing to unveil not one, but two world premieres at Geneva, part of the the company’s three model display.

The Regera will be there, obviously, but it will be appearing for the first time in production guise, after 12 additional months of development and 3,000 changes later – as Koenigsegg puts it. And remember, this is a ~1500 hp hybrid, gearbox-less hyper-machine that we’re talking about, which we hope will retain all its major traits.

Next on the list is the unveiling of the final Agera model range, with Koenigsegg believing that its most successful model of all times should be sent out in style. That said Geneva 2016 will see the premiere of the final Agera model series ever.

The third model will be a brand-new built Agera RS, one of the fastest selling Koenigsegg models in history, flaunting 1,144hp and 1,280Nm (944lb-ft) of torque.

The car maker also released two teaser images and a video, and although the pictures don’t reveal much, the footage caught the anger of a very savage, caged machine, ready to cause a stir at the motoring event.

Full details about the cars will be revealed March 1st.