McLaren Teases MP4-31 Tech Before Feb 21 Launch

With the 2016 Formula 1 Preseason nearly upon us, teams have already started either presenting or teasing their new race cars.

Renault got the ball rolling when they unveiled the livery that’s going to be used on their 2016 car, though they did say that certain details on the livery might change and that the aesthetics of car weren’t final.

Next in line came Ferrari who fired up their 2016 hybrid power unit for the entire world to hear, though before you go thinking you’re into more of the same with McLaren, don’t, because what they’re teasing us here is a brake disc.

Yes, you read that correctly. This video is about the MP4-31’s ability to stop, which is extremely important. Each of the car’s brake discs features over 700 individually drilled cooling holes, while still having to put up with temperatures of up to 1,200 Celsius – hot enough to melt silver.

According to McLaren, it takes three months to build one F1 brake disc, only to wear it out in just two hours of racing. That’s the type of impressive statistic that brings back memories of how expensive the Bugatti Veyron was to build (and run).

The McLaren-Honda MP4-31 will be unveiled to the public on Sunday, February 21st.