Mercedes-Benz S-Class Estate Screams Aggressiveness Through Its Pores

It’s not a typo, this is really a Mercedes-Benz S-Class Estate, but there is a catch because we are looking at a rendering.

The a full-sized luxury sedan was digitally transformed into a more practical five-door, by Rain Prisk.

The matte-silver finished car has gained a new grille, a more aggressive front bumper with larger air intakes, vented front fenders with widened wheel arches different side skirts and a long rear window. Its look is completed by a lowered suspension and a new set of racing multi-spoke black alloy wheels.

This isn’t the first time when we get to look at a similar vehicle transformed into a more practical wagon and pimped: an Audi S8 Avant popped into the news feed a couple of weeks ago, but these are only designer’s exercises. Perhaps it’s better they stay that way, too.