Oakley Design Bugatti Veyron Looks Astonishing [w/Video]

After Oakley Design showcased a render depicting a modified Veyron last year, the tuning company has finally revealed the almost ready product.

Staying true to the CGI pictures, the Veyron sports a dual tone color scheme, made possible by the abundance of carbon fiber parts and the bright yellow paint with shiny flakes.

As Youtuber Shmee150 says, all of the Veyron’s body parts are now made out of the composite material, except for the doors. The restyled aerodynamic-kit has some intricate details that transforms this Bugatti into a fully-built coachbuild car. For instance, although the front fenders are made from carbon fiber, the wheel arches have been left unpainted, showing the raw weave of the material in contrast to the sparkly yellow.

Of course, the attention to detail is remarkable, Oakley going so far as replacing the engine cover with a new, aerodynamically-studied, spectacular-looking design. The custom-made center lock rims are a great addition to, emphasizing the Veyron’s outrageous style.

Even though the beast looks like it’s based on the Super Sport model, it actually is one of the 1001 PS original Veyrons. At least it was, since now the car develops 1145 hp and 1500 Nm of torque, as Oakely wanted to bring it closer to the Super Sport’s technical specifications; even the headlights have been replaced to match the ones of the facelift model.

The interior has at least the same quality of work and attention to detail as the car’s exterior, staying true to the yellow-black hue and sporting carbon fiber bits and pieces, but will let Shmee150 do a thorough overview of the car.