Opel Shows Concept GT’s “Buttonless” Interior

After showing off the exterior design of its the sports car concept, Opel’s next step is to reveal its cabin.

The GT Concept has two sports seats in contrasting color combinations, a brushed aluminum instrument panel and round monitors embedded in the outer aluminum air jets with a polished GT emblem, which capture the vehicle’s environment and replace the conventional side mirrors.

The steering wheel pays homage to the legendary Opel GT from the 1960s and 1970s, there are shining red seat belt extractors that follow the design and “art” of the red front tires and there are no buttons, as all the systems are operated purely by voice control and a central touch pad.

Opel’s Human Machine Interface (HMI) is able to “get to know” the driver and adapt to his or her needs, described “like a friend on the passenger seat” that “recognizes whether hip-hop or chill-out is wanted“. The software “learns” from every command, touch of the steering and various settings to offer the most appropriate support spontaneously.

The driver can also surf through the menus without saying a word, by reaching for the round touchpad on the center stack, but that doesn’t mean that the car will be quiet too, as warnings such as “Be careful. Don’t overlook the motorcycle behind us!” might be issued, depending on the situation.