Rugby Stars Throw Passes Into Drifting BMW M3

After teasing us with this trick shot challenge two weeks ago, BMW has finally released footage demonstrating that it is possible to throw a rugby ball inside a drifting BMW M3.

To be fair, it was pretty safe to assume it was possible. Though drifting, the car isn’t moving nearly fast enough for a professional athlete to miss his mark (too many times), but it’s always great to have confirmation and actually see how many makes and misses Kieran Brookes and Tom Wood had between them.

Keep in mind, a traditional rugby ball is larger than the footballs they use in the NFL (American Football) and therefor, more difficult to fit through a car’s side windows, especially when that car is putting down 431 PS going round in a circle.

All in all, this seems like a lot of fun and we’re looking forward to seeing what their next challenge looks like – which could be either kicking the ball forward while somebody is trying to catch it inside a car, or hitting a row of rugby balls while drifting with the side of the car.

How many makes do you guys think you’d have out of 10 tries at this?