Patent Reveals Ferrari’s Plan For New Hybrid Supercar

Secretive patent filings have revealed that Ferrari is considering creating a new hybrid supercar for series production.

Discovered by Autocar, the patents show that the model will be front-engined and could therefore launch as the successor to the F12 Berlinetta. Electric drive would then come from batteries installed into the floor and an electric motor mounted to the transmission at the rear.

This electric setup means it can also work with a mid-engined layout, similar to the LaFerrari.

The Italian marque previewed its hybrid future back in 2010 with a special hybrid 599 concept but in the patents, the system seems much more advanced. Rather than normal bulky lithium-ion batteries being installed into the floor, like the Tesla Model S, Ferrari’s solution actually incorporates individual cylindrical cells that have then been mounted together in a thin layer and then built into the floor.

Beyond allowing Ferrari to continue mounting its seats as low as possible, the thin battery pack would also ensure its center of gravity is as low as possible, ensuring the best driving dynamics.

Note: Ferrari F12tdf pictured