Potent Porsche Cayman GT4 Tackles Willow Springs

If the reviews are to be believed, the Porsche Cayman GT4 is not only the best Cayman available, but also one of the finest sports car’s produced in recent memory. But is all of this hype accurate?

Well, Matt Farah recently jumped behind the wheel of a Cayman GT4 at the Streets of Willow Springs circuit in the U.S. to find out.

The GT4 featured is owned by baseballer CJ Wilson, who just so happens to own the world’s most distinctive McLaren P1. Painted bright blue and equipped with a set of black wheels, his GT4 certainly looks the goods but in a world where the horsepower wars are still raging, is its 385 hp adequate?

The short answer? Yes, 385 hp is plenty for a car of this size.

During the review, Farah is understandably full of praise for the GT4, which brings together the Cayman’s mid-engined layout with a number of Porsche 911 parts, including the Carrera S’s 3.8-liter flat-six engine and the GT3’s front suspension.

Farah’s only slight quip with the GT4 is that it’s gear ratios are slightly too long, a small issue easily outweighed by the rest of the car’s magnificence.