Rare Bright Yellow Porsche 918 Spyder Could Make You Wince

Certainly one of the brightest Porsche 918 Spyders ever produced has just appeared for sale in Dubai courtesy of Al Ain Class Motors.

A small number of yellow 918s were produced by Porsche and this example is arguably just as eye-catching as a particular acid green one. While it’s chassis number hasn’t been provided in the James Edition listing, it’s likely the only yellow Porsche 918 in the Middle East.

Beyond the yellow paint adorning most of the exterior, it includes a number of gloss black components including the removable roof, wing mirrors, front splitter, rear wing and rear diffuser.

While some customers may have opted for a matching yellow interior, the original owner of the car instead had the cabin bathed in luscious black leather complete with white piping and contrast stitching. Carbon fiber trim then finishes off the interior look.

While no asking price has been provided, the polarizing color of the car could mean it’ll sell for less than some other unimposing 918s.